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I am Lizzie

I’m Lizzie and I'm a self-taught silversmith. I tried a few different career pathways before I settled on this one but I consider myself lucky to have finally found something I truly love. I wish I had had more faith in my abilities as a teenager so it might not have taken so long!

My husband and I have one ten-year-old son, one eight-year-old daughter, and a fourteen-year-old fur baby. My family is everything to me and I love that making jewellery has allowed me to work from home during their formative years.

I studied Liberal Arts at university majoring in Environmental Studies. I walked away with an MA Honours degree and three of the most wonderful friends.

I was diagnosed with CFS/M.E a couple of years ago and now take great care to pace myself and remember that I don’t need to be perfect. I constantly try to be kinder to myself.

Neighbours and Home & Away are series linked on my TV planner and are my guilty pleasure...Don’t tell anyone! I can’t watch anything with mild (or any) peril for animals. Lion King is the worst ever!

I cut and colour my own hair. It started when I was first diagnosed with chronic fatigue...I had long hair that I didn’t have the energy to work with so I gathered it in a ponytail and chopped it off.  After a while I decide that my grey hair needed to be dealt with so started dying my hair purple...then aquamarine...then

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